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Rich's Specialist Painting and Decorating Services in Liverpool

Hire local painting and decorating teams who consistently achieve high standards throughout the Liverpool area today! You can use this service to apply professional finishes to your walls, ceilings, and woodwork. And it doesn’t matter whether you need your technicians to come to a private or business environment...

Want to get a quote before you book? Describe your needs to an adviser on 020 3404 1632 or through this website’s chat facility at any time of the day or night. They’ll use the information you provide to give you an initial quote – this'll include the cost of all the necessary labour and materials. But bear in mind you can get a fixed quotation by arranging an on-site viewing. Rather not speak to any one? Use our booking form to contact us instead.

Hire Rich's Painters and Decorators in Liverpool For...

  • The provision of high-end water, solvent, and speciality paint that your painters and decorators in Liverpool will supply for no extra fee
  • Comprehensive preparation works including sanding down your woodwork, filling in gaps in your wall, and so on
  • Total support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week courtesy of an uninterrupted customer service
  • The option to have your particular session carried out not only weekdays, but weekends, and Bank Holidays too
  • The opportunity to make yourself eligible for sensational savings by combining this service with our flooring.

The Liverpool Painting Services We Offer...

Won’t affect any of your other possessions – before your Liverpool painting services begin properly your professionals will ensure surrounding floor, furniture, and decorative items are either covered for protection or moved temporarily.

Can include painting your walls and ceilings – if it’s needed, a primer or undercoat will be put down as a base layer. Once this has been done, three coats of paint will be layered on. Your home will then be returned to normal.

Can cover painting your woodwork – first, two coats of primer, dye, or stain will be brushed onto the surface. Second, three coats, of paint, varnish, or oil will also be applied. Third, your premises will be put back to normal. Wondering how your technician will decide which product to use? It depends on your specific needs.

We also offer full property refurbishments, which this service can be a part of.

Liverpool Painting and Decorating by Rich's Specialists

You need technicians who’ve been background checked, vetted, and highly trained, and that’s just who’ll we’ll give you! That’s right. When you book our Liverpool painting and decorating service you’re guaranteeing yourself assistance from some of the best professionals in the business. They’ll come to you with all the tools needed to get your job done – rollers, pads, trays, sprayers...