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Rich's Handyman Services For All of Liverpool - Domestic & Commercial

A handyman is a skilled technician who can perform a vast number of property improvement and repair tasks around your propertySound like someone you need? Then order our handyman services in Liverpool today!

Painting. Plumbing fixes. Wall fixings. Furniture assembly. It doesn’t matter what you need, or how large or small the job is, you can still get help from us. Just give your details to a customer care professional now...

Ring 020 3404 1632, click on the chat feature in the corner of your screen, or enter your details into our booking form. Remember, these facilities run uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can contact us any time. And you’ll get a preliminary quote whenever you connect.

Booking a Handyman in Liverpool Has Many Benefits

  • You’ll be able to easily reschedule or cancel your particular handyman service in Liverpool if you give us 48 hours notice
  • You can connect with a professional, ask for a quote, and make your booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can book us for work on any weekday, weekend, or Bank Holiday you like
  • You’ll be able to have a huge amount of different tasks completed – this ranges from simple repairs to large scale refurbishments
  • Incredible cost reductions will be made available to you if you book at least two services at the same time – why not combine our odd jobs and furniture assembly?

What Skills Does Rich's Liverpool Handyman Have?

Your Liverpool handyman can help you in the following areas...

General Care and Maintenance:

Get all your fix-up tasks taken care of. This covers our odd jobs, hanging and wall mounting, as well as our furniture assembly services. From the smallest of tasks such as tidying away cables, to fixing TVs to your walls, and putting together your flat packs - we can do it all.

Specialised Trades:

Got a leaky pipe, faulty hinge, or defective wiring? Let us help you by providing expert plumbing, carpentry, and electrical services.

Property Modifications:

If you want to enhance your premises' appearance give us a call. You can have new flooring put down, tiling services performed, painting and decorating carried out, and full property refurbishments completed.

Get a more in-depth look at everything we offer by navigating to this website’s services page.

Handyman Services in Liverpool From Rich's Experts

How do we know the handyman services you book from us in Liverpool will be successful? Because we only work with background checked professionals who’ve proven themselves competent. They’ll travel to your property by vehicle, dressed in a clean uniform appropriate for both domestic and commercial environments. In their vehicle they’ll bring all the equipment and materials needed to get your job done. And what’s more, once they start working you’ll never see them take a break. Experience total dedication today, by scheduling a slot with us.