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Best Value From Rich's Carpenters in Liverpool

Installations. Repairs. Custom Builds. They can all be performed by the specialist carpenters we work with in Liverpool! They’ve got experience with all different kinds of woodwork. Want to hire them today?

Then contact us at any time you like on 020 3404 1632. An adviser will take your enquiry, ask you to describe your requirements, and then provide you with a preliminary quote. Prefer not to speak over the phone? Use this website’s chat feature or booking form.

Why Use Rich's Carpentry Service in Liverpool?

  • You can ask a customer care professional about your specific carpentry service in Liverpool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You’ll be given a clear cost estimate before anything is finalised
  • You can order a new custom piece of woodwork built or have your old woodwork repaired
  • There’s nothing stopping you from having your service performed on a weekend or Bank Holiday instead of a weekday
  • If you want to knock down our prices you can book our plumbing or electrical services in addition to your carpentry session to qualify for an amazing discount

These Carpentry Services in Liverpool Are Comprehensive – Find Out More

Your carpentry services in Liverpool can cover the construction of custom cabinets, and much more. You’ll find all the details below:

To get an estimate on your bespoke furniture you’ll need to describe it in detail – you’ll need to know the type and size, as well as the components such as shelves and drawers you need.

Your custom item can be made of medium-density fibreboard or solid wood – it can be a shelf, wardrobe, cupboard, or other piece of furniture.

Your carpenters can also help you replace hinges, hang, doors, and more – essentially any small-scale woodworking job can be accomplished.

What Makes Rich's Liverpool Carpenters Special?

They’ll always put you first! That’s right. You’ve found Liverpool carpenters who’ll make sure that your woodwork is treated with the utmost care from the get-go. Why should you trust them? Because they’ve undergone a strenuous vetting and training process that guarantees they're qualified to perform your specific service. And not to mention the fact they’ll supply all the necessary tools.